Meet The Doctors

Say hello to your Operation Ouch! doctors, Dr Chris, Dr Xand and Dr Ronx!

You probably recognise them from their BAFTA-winning TV show Operation Ouch!. Well, now they’re bringing you even more awesome activities and crazy experiments from the weird and wonderful world of medicine with a brand new magazine. Prepare for fun, facts and plenty of gross bits as they explore the ins and outs of your brilliant human body in each new issue of Operation Ouch! magazine. 

Dr Chris van Tulleken is Dr Xand’s twin brother. He’s an infectious disease doctor and scientist at University College London Hospital

Specialist skill: 

His extraordinarily powerful and curious mind! 

Fun fact: 

Dr Chris is seven minutes older than Dr Xand! 

Dr Xand van Tulleken is Dr Chris’ identical twin brother. He’s an expert in refugee health.

Specialist skill:

His nerves of steel!

Fun fact: 

Dr Xand grew a beard so the TV show’s viewers could tell him and his brother Chris apart! 

Dr Ronx is the newest member of the Operation Ouch! team. They are an A&E doctor, mentor & activist.

Specialist skill:

Their lightning fast reflexes!

Fun fact:

Dr Ronx joined the show in 2019 and also works as a mentor for young people.

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